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Kendall Leary is a ✨ bicoastal ✨ actress, writer and director currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.  Right now you can watch Kendall get "pretty womaned" by playing Julia Roberts on HBO's "Pause with Sam Jay".


Kendall is theatrically trained. In addition to studying acting in her youth at the summer conservatory "CCY" at Wesleyan University, she continued her studies at Marymount Manhattan College where her classes included Voice and Speech, Script Analysis, Shakespeare, Viewpoints, and Suzuki Method just to name a few. Kendall then spent a semester studying International Journalism in Rome, Italy where she paired her studies with Commedia dell’arte and character development.

Recently Leary has joined the "BK Gang", taking advanced workshops at Bob Krakower's studio in Manhattan. 

During her time at New Haven's Cooperative Arts and Humanities, Kendall was awarded "Best Actress"(2013). In the same year, she was crowned Miss Connecticut Teen USA.


When Kendall is not acting or writing about herself in third person, you can find her playing shortstop in an adult softball league, walking her dog through McCarren Park, or saying phrases like "Why do the Mets let me down every year?"

Coming up! Leary just wrapped her first Leading Role in the feature film "The Truth in Advertising." Set to be released Spring 2024. 




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Kendall plays 'Julia Roberts' in this episode of "Pause with Sam Jay" on HBO Max

Kendall will be seen playing Mara in the feature film 'Karma Bums' (2024)
Kendall recently filmed in a leading role for the feature film "The Truth in Advertising" set to be released in 2024
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